Kehiloe Ntsekhe Diversity & Anti-Racism

My goal with anti-racism work is to mitigate the adverse effects of racism on the mental health of people of colour.

Anti-racism calls for the active opposition of racism by confronting unconscious bias and directly challenging assumptions and societal conditioning in ourselves, and for those we advocate for.

As an anti-racism educator, I have a deep desire to help therapists, counsellors, and coaches in their anti-racism development.  Through supervision and professional development, my aim is to build and strengthen the anti-racism and D&I knowledge and confidence for those working with clients who are the victims of ongoing systemic racism and marginalization.

During this process of focused and ongoing supervision, one becomes increasingly aware and self-reflective of how race, gender, class, religion etc. shapes the lived experience of the professional, and how this in turn shapes and informs their therapeutic relationships with their clients.

I’m interested in working in spaces where people’s humanity is not left behind at the door when they arrive at work. . .

Kehiloe Ntsekhe
Kehiloe Ntsekhe