Diversity, Equity & Belonging

Unconcious Bias Facilitation

In 2009, I was invited to collaborate in creating a curriculum for a children’s diversity programme. I was also involved in the recruitment, selection and training of young adults who would go on to deliver this programme which was aimed at 12-year olds from different South African racial and cultural groups. This is where my interest in Diversity and Inclusion interventions began.

Since 2011, I have been part of global, local, NGO, corporate and school based environments where I have been actively involved in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion processes, workshops, and strategy development.

In different capacities I have had the privilege of helping people explore, understand, implement, and live out their vision for diverse, inclusive, and equitable organisations.

Belonging vs. Inclusion:

I have a preference for the word ‘Belonging’ in place of the commonly used ‘Inclusion’, in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion field. Reason being, the act of including in organisations has an inherent power imbalance. It has the connotation that someone is doing the “including”, and another is being “included.”  Belonging on the other hand, implies that all those who exist in a space have equal potential to experience belonging, and as a result feel like they belong.

I want to work with organizations that encourage their teams to bring all of themselves to the environment, without fear of being treated with disrespect. . .

Kehiloe Ntsekhe
Kehiloe Ntsekhe